The inspiration for Dadi Revivo’s palatable dishes is rooted in his childhood. The sound of his mother’s bracelet clanging against the bowl as she mixed semolina flour with water to prepare a traditional, homemade couscous still resonates in his memory. The enticing aroma of her sauces, her meat and chicken dishes, as well as her other delicious entrees will be a part of his culinary soul forever.

Though his passion for the art of cooking manifested itself early in his childhood, his inspiration was not limited to the confines of his home or even to those of his native country, Israel. Dadi has traveled the globe seeking inspiration and has had extensive experience with various cuisines, markets and restaurants.  He has not only become a world-class chef, but a veritable citizen of the world and a connoisseur of culture. Having worked with numerous internationally renowned chefs, Dadi has developed passionately venturesome yet efficient expertise.


Dadi’s avant-garde talent piqued the culinary industry’s interest in New York City, where he worked for the world famous Spice Market, owned by the celebrated chef and restaurateur Jean-Georges Vongerichten. This same avant-garde spirit took him to Los Angeles, where he currently resides.


For Dadi, daring new concoctions of food have limitless possibilities, allowing him to create a diverse array of internationally influenced food.  From a passion for fresh ingredients to funky and counterintuitive flavor combinations--the likes of which may be overlooked in most kitchens--Dadi’s creations are truly unique.


Dadi’s repertoire consists of countless cutting-edge signature dishes and exquisite desserts among which is line of seventy different lavors of brownies. He is sought after by numerous well-known figures in the entertainment industry to satisfy their wildest culinary desires. All of his dishes transmit his passion for people, for culture and most importantly for living the good life.


Countless reviewers tend to agree.  According to Candice Merrill of Pasadena Now On-Line, Dadi’s daring combinations of ingredients create desserts that “[are] [some] of the best and most unusual [she has] tasted in a long time.”

Dadi’s drive and desire to express his self artistically through food begins with a fascination for creating innovative, decadent entrees and desserts. Once Dadi’s in the kitchen there are no limits to where his talent will take him.  Dadi Revivo is, therefore, not just an excellent chef, but a culinary guru.



Several years ago, after cooking a massive thanksgiving dinner for one of my clients, I came to the realization that I no longer wanted to associate myself with cooking animal products anymore. I immediately corresponded this development to all of my clients, and thankfully, their reactions were full of love, support, and positivity.


You see, although I wasn’t personally eating meat at the time, I was still preparing it for my clients. I’m still not fully aware of why that night turned out the way it did, but I just knew I had to follow my heart. So, despite having a hectic schedule as a private chef and restaurant consultant, with multiple clients to deal with, I decided to make the change anyway. I prioritized my beliefs and values, and wasn’t concerned about how it would affect my career or image.


Since then, I’ve replaced all of the meat-based dishes that I created, with healthy, delicious and tasty plant-based variants which everyone has loved. Looking back, I feel this is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and it’s allowed me to continue putting passion and love into the dishes that I cook. Plus, considering what occurs in the meat & dairy industry nowadays, it was a very seamless switch to protect animals and opt for plant-based dishes.


You may believe that veganism is a daunting prospect, but if I can successfully remove all animal products from my life, then so can everyone. If you’re an animal lover, but still want to enjoy scrumptious dishes that hit every single taste bud, then why not follow me with guilt-free eating?